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10.5" x 10.5"

100% Antique Damask LInen


Our handsome Travel-Size Corporal is crafted from exquisite antique damask linen that embodies elegance and functionality in equal measure.


Ideal for priests on the move, this compact corporal is the perfect addition to any travel Mass set. Its convenient size ensures ease of transport without compromising on the holiness of the Mass. Whether you're ministering to communities far and wide or seeking solace in personal prayer, this corporal is the perfect addition to your small altar linen supply.


Additionally our travel-size corporal is the perfect for your home altar supplies. Whether hosting a home Mass or engaging in Eucharistic Adoration, this corporal helps facilitate your private worship and devotion.

About the Corporal
The term corporal comes from the Latin word “corpus” which means body.

The Corporal is a square altar linen that is placed on the altar cloth beneath the chalice and paten, where Consecration takes place. It is folded in thirds in a particular order to be sure to catch any crumbs from the host during Consecration. The embroidered cross allows the priest to know the correct order to unfold and place the corporal on the altar.

Antique Damask 100% Linen Travel-Size Corporal

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