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4.5" X 2.75"


This hardcover "In His Name, Official Holy Name Manual" with Samuel A. Stritch as Imprimatur was published by the National Headquarters of The Holy Name Society in 1941. It is in excellent condition with a firm binding, no visible wear to boards or interior, no brak in spine, and minimal wear on one corner. 

It is a handy and useful reference for Holy Name Society members and makes a thoughtful gift. 

The Holy Name Society was founded by the Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church as a confraternity in the 15th century. Membership until the 1970s was only open to men over the age of 18 who were involved in the church, and pins like these were popular to show your devotion to the Society and to honoring the Holy name of Jesus in the early 20th century. The primary object of the society is to beget reverence for the Holy Name of God and Jesus Christ; it is also dedicated to making reparations, in particular, for blasphemy, perjury and immorality.

"In His Name" 1941 Official Holy Name Society Pocket Manual

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