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Center: 14" x 11"
Epistle & Gospel: 8" x 10"

White aluminum composite with matte finish

These beautiful Traditional Latin Mass Altar Cards boast durability alongside their elegant design. Crafted with sturdy materials that ensure they can withstand frequent handling for longevity without sacrificing elegance. Whether used in travel Mass sets or as a permanent fixture in home altars, their clean layout, easy-to-read text, and lightweight construction make them a practical addition to any sacred space.

The inclusion of historic artwork invites contemplation, deepening the connection to the profound mysteries celebrated during the Traditional Latin Mass. This artistic enhancement serves as a reminder of the rich heritage and tradition embodied in the ancient Roman Rite.

These Altar Cards are expertly crafted to seamlessly fulfill both form and function. They are not merely decorative but also practical tools, guiding the celebrant through the sacred rites with precision and clarity. They will make a meaningful gift for any priest that reflect both reverence for the Latin Mass tradition and an appreciation for the practical needs of his ministry.

Traditional Latin Mass Altar Card Set

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