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Vestment Restoration is a Joy and a Privilege!

About ten years ago I accidentally stepped into the wonderful world of vestment restoration. After decades of self-taught sewing skills I was excited about the reality of putting my faith into action this way and using my skills for the glory of God. I have had the divine privilege of working with some of the best people on some of the most beautiful and exquisite antique pieces — including chasubles, copes, and all Mass set pieces, altar linens of all sizes, cinctures, albs, surplices, delicate lace, and much more! These experiences have taught me not only how to delicately restore the beauty of these extraordinary pieces but also how to handle them; meaning rather than treat them like museum pieces to be put behind glass and admired, carefully and lovingly restoring them to full use for the glory of God and salvation of souls.

There is deep sense of joy and peace in offering my time and energy to this work. It is rich nourishment for my soul that draws me to closer union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This work calls and reminds me to continually offer prayer and sacrifice in everything I do and say. It is a small return for the innumerable gifts God bestows on me every day. Including, and perhaps especially, the crosses and sufferings He allows for my sanctification.

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