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An Ounce of Prevention...

Every sacristan understands the immense value of this sentiment, especially when it comes to cleaning and preserving vestments. I imagine it was a rather prudent sacristan who invented stole and chasuble protectors. Such a small thing that makes their job so much easier.

Attached to vestments with large basting stitches for ease of removal and cleaning these small pieces of linen have a big task in preserving material and preventing damage. It’s no secret how warm a priest can get under several layers of vestments and clothing while saying Mass, especially in warmer weather. These little pieces of linen act as a barrier between the priest and the material of the vestment to protect and preserve it. Linen is used to make these protectors for its supreme absorption properties and ease of cleaning.

We are pleased to announce that we have added these helpful pieces to our handmade product offerings. Made to order by hand, with or without lace, these lovely protectors will help preserve your vestments for years to come.

This lovely stack is on its way to aid the ministry of a priest and his sacristan. Deo gratias!

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