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Mending the Soul

Sometimes projects have a profound impact and you can almost feel every stitch mend and nourish parts of your soul. The development of our Maniturgium and First Stole were definitely opportunities for this kind of soul mending. Without getting into the weeds I will say that once upon a time I looked forward to receiving a maniturgium. I have long since come to terms with the loss of that possibility but the soul is always 'on the mend' whether we are conscious of it or not. Like most of our handmade products researching, developing, and making these items is a quiet participation in prayer and devotion for which I am deeply grateful. But creating these items in particular provided the opportunity for me to participate in the joy other mothers and fathers will experience when they see their son ordained a "priest forever." These products have provided an unexpected pivot point that turns any drop of mourning that may have been left into complete joy. The depth of mending accomplished within a soul through this work simply cannot be measured or fully conveyed. No matter how many words I try to use to explain the transfiguration within my soul it is only truly known to me and the Lord.

This maniturgium, made with antique damask linen, is an ordination gift for a friend who will be ordained a priest in June 2023.

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